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“Last invention we’ll ever make
— the last challenge we’ll ever face”

Project depicts an idea of the singularity, a hypothetical future point in time at which Artificial Intelligence (AI) growth becomes  irreversible and uncontrollable, resulting in unforeseeable changes to human civilisation. Boundaries of the AI technology are pushed further and further
every year resulting multilayered reality being inevitable in conceivable future.

I used imperfect language of multi-exposure imaging distance between what’s tangible and potentially observed and created within AI world. In other ways it represents interchangeable realities one might be able to go back and forth between dimensions.

Rome draws to the history of fallen advanced civilisation that in the face of rapid AI development could mean end of an era as we know it for now.
Experimental world’s first scrolling photobook. Published entirely on social medias. 

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Topiel is an old Polish word whose exact translation doesn’t exist in any other language.

In order to understand it and use it, We will have to first find the places that contain its essence. Then extract it and isolate it through the method of synonymity. Once extracted in its purest form, you are now ready to use it, but not before you smell its stifling aroma and taste its repugnant flavours.
Solo Exhibitions:

Contemporary Museum Wroclaw, Poland
Pix.House Gallery, Poznan, Poland


88 Pages
210 x 270 mm
Smyth-Sewn 180g + 105g
100 Copies
Printed in Poland




Solo & Group Exhibitions:

— Neurotitan, Berlin
—Werkstattgalerie, Berlin
— Garten114, Berlin
— Letní filmová škola, Uherské Hradište
— PhotoVisa Festival, Krasnodar
— 5th European Month of Photography, Berlin
— Leica Gallery, Warsaw

— Pauza Gallery, Krakow
— Galeria Muzeum Drukarstwa Warszawskiego, Warsaw

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